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Roulette Obstetrical(e) Wheel

2.09 usd

The obstetrical wheel rOw does one thing and does it well: the professional computing dates of pregnancy.rOw has been developed by obstetricians, for all professionals caring for pregnant women.rOw have full of advantages:- Ergonomic design: five key dates of pregnancy on one screen, keyboard for ease and efficiency, or wheel more fun: rOw adapts to your usage- Reactive: immediate calculation of dates- Fast: The application was created to be used throughout the day, and thought to minimize unnecessary handling- Customizable: You can customize your business rowa by adding favorites for terms relevant to your daily practice- Aesthetics: sober, pretty with a professional finish- International: Not only translated into five languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic), rOw can use different date formats or terms.- Cross-platform: available on iphone, android and widget mac and pcAll these strengths together for the first time in a single application.Instructions:- By using the keyboard or wheel, enter a date from LMP, DC or EDD and the term will be calculated as of today- This date will remain fixed, to know the term for another reference date, or conversely, the particular day for a specific term- To calculate DC, enter the term and the reference date- Add favorites, edit, delete and organize them- Set the date format, choose the term (40 or 41 weeks)